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First we eat , then we do everything else


In 2019 the Jungle Cook is designed to enchant its audience. We love the thrill on our plate, along with a touch of mystery and wonder.
Since it's launch Jungle Cook has been consistently ranked by foodies and critics as one for the best theme restaurants in Jabalpur. Surrounded by beautiful murals of wild life, green creapers and grass, experience the most memorable feast ever.

We make the finest Food

Jungle Cook is the perfect destination to celebrate life in its true glory.
On your first visit you will be spellbound with its beautiful ambiance. Surrounded by lush greenery, you will feel the purity of nature and experience the adventure of being in the wild.In The Jungle Cook You Eat All You Can.
The lunch and dinner buffet menu at Jungle Cook is a true delight for every hungry foodie. We present you the widest menu to choose from and enjoy unlimited servings of each dish.

The Menu

Food is not just eating energy . It’s an experience

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Our Kitchen

If I have one Addiction in life, It’s probably food..

Traditional Recipe
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Why we are the best?

The Famous Chef & Team

Creativity and imagination will keep customers coming back to The Jungle Cook. The most important hard skill chefs need is an ability to cook, as well as knowledge of the kitchen.

The traditional recipe

Made with love

Jungle Food cooked and made with all our heart ; putting a smile on your face.

Hygienic and healthy ingredients

Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.

A look at the history

2016 - The journey began

Start thinking about something new and innovative.

2017 - First Step

Going forward and create strategy for something different.

2018 - Creative ideas

The Jungle Cook is designed to enchant its audience

2019 - Milestone Acheived

Since it's launch Jungle Cook has been consistently ranked by foodies and critics as one for the best theme restaurants in Jabalpur.

Our Specials

People will travel anywhere for good food..

Our Jungle Gallery

Food Should be fun

Jungle Bagira
Jungle Mowgli With Baloo
Jungle Monkey
Jungle Monkey
Jungle Elephant
Jungle Chameleon


The best way to celebrate the holidays is with some delicious food..

The Jungle Cook is the best restaurants in jabalpur. We love to feed you like a king. No wonder, every meal at Jungle Cook is a wild feast for your palate Our culinary team has perfected an exquisite menu with handpicked dishes and drinks from the most popular global cuisines.

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  • Shankar shah Nagar, commissioner colony,
    Rampur Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482001
  • Ph: +91 98931 30969
  • junglecook2019@gmail.com

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